Providing a Full Range of Legal Services

Parsons Law: Serving Residents & Businesses in the St. John’s Area

We are a full-service law firm located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, consisting of two lawyers (father and daughter), and we are assisted by our administrative/support staff.

We practice in a wide variety of areas, including real estate, personal injury, family law and many others.

We offer our clients a free 30-minute initial consultation on any matter and if required, we can arrange a consultation at your home or workplace. We also offer weekend and evening appointments.

Areas of Practice
Real Estate
• Purchases, sales and mortgages of residential or commercial properties
• Quieting of titles
• Acquisition of Crown Grants or leases
• Agreements, including rent-to-own agreements and commercial leases

Personal Injury
• Recovery of loss due to automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, etc., including costs for medical
  treatments, lost wages and damages for pain and suffering

Corporate and Commercial
• Incorporating a new company
• Acquiring the assets and/or shares of an existing company
• Franchise agreements
• Purchase or sale of commercial real estate and equipment, and commercial financing, including mortgages

Wills and Estates
• Wills, probate of wills and administration of estates in case of death without a will
• Advance health care directives and powers of attorney (including in case of incapacity)
• Appointment of guardians for mentally disabled persons or minors

Family Law
• Cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements
• Divorce, division of property and debts upon the termination of a marriage or common law relationship, child
  and spousal support, and custody/access issues

Civil Litigation
• Breach of contract, debt collection, misrepresentation, negligence, etc.

Criminal Law
• Criminal code and other statutory offences, including impaired driving, assault, theft and youth court matters;
  we also provide representation in applications for peace bonds

Employment Law
• Wrongful dismissal, letters of hire, employment contracts and dismissal procedures

Insurance Law
• Disputes regarding disability, health, property or auto insurance